New Patients

NHS Dental Treatment

HOW DO I REGISTER WITH PEARL DENTAL PRACTICE? Please fill in the form below if you would like to register with us and bring it with you or simply call into the practice to make an appointment and our friendly receptionists will be happy to help you.

We encourage our patients to bring children to the Practice from an early age, therefore, you can ask to register your child at the same time.

During your appointment a dentist will

  • Ask about any health problems you have had
  • Examine your mouth, teeth and gums
  • Tell you how to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy, and
  • Tell you if you need treatment

What is a treatment plan?

  • A treatment plan is a document that sets out
  • Any dental treatment you need, and
  • Roughly how much it may cost.
  • We will give you a treatment plan at your first check-up and at other times when you need one. You can ask for a treatment plan any time you are having treatment. You can take a copy away.

If you need treatment, your dentist will:

  • Explain your options, including what treatments can be done on the NHS
  • Let you know how much the treatment may cost
  • Give you a treatment plan setting out the treatment you need (see below for more information on treatment plans), and
  • Tell you when you need to come back for another check-up or more treatment.
  • Once you are registered, you can stay with the same dentist for as long as you wish.

What treatment can I get as an NHS patient?

  • As a registered NHS patient, you can get all the care, advice and treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.
  • If you want any cosmetic work, you will need to pay for it privately. Some treatments are not available under the NHS, for example:
  • Teeth whitening
  • White fillings in back teeth
  • white crowns on back teeth
  • As a mixed practice we provide both NHS treatment and private treatment.  If you choose to get private treatment, your dentist will:
  • Tell you how much any private treatment will cost
  • Explain your treatment options (including what you can have done on the NHS), and get your agreement to any treatment

Will I have to pay for NHS treatment?

A NHS dental examination in Scotland is free of charge for everyone.

Following a dental examination, the dentist will advise you on any treatment you require and the likely cost. We will also provide an itemised treatment plan, if requested.

For a more comprehensive list of NHS Dental Charges, please contact the practice and we can email you the NHS Dental Charges price list.

A dentist can charge a patient if they fail to attend for an appointment without giving due notice.

What is Prior Approval?

Your dentist may inform you that they have to apply for prior approval before your treatment can be started. Dentists are required to seek approval from NHS Scotland, for certain treatments and treatments of high value This process may take a little time and delay your treatment slightly. Are all treatments available on the NHS?

Not all treatments are available on the NHS. Cosmetic treatments are not available, for example, ‘white fillings’ on back teeth or a tooth coloured crown on a back tooth.

Your dentist will be able to explain what treatment is and is not allowed on the NHS.